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It is important to be GOOD
It is more important to be TRUSTED
Dean Morgan is a former U.S. Marine, former police officer, and former prosecutor.  He is currently the owner and Managing Attorney of The Morgan Law Firm.  He is the lead trainer and consultant at DUI Trainers & Consultants, LLC.  He also serves as General Counsel for an international corporation.   He is owner of a legal support and staffing company.

Dean was born and raised in a poverty-stricken rural Central California community.  He is the first male in his family's history to graduate from high school.  He is the first person in his family to graduate from college.  His strong work ethic and integrity have been the hallmarks of his career and his success.  For every case, regardless how small or large, Dean puts forth the maximum effort.

Dean is actively involved in his community as a coach/sponsor of little league, football, volleyball, and band. 
He is a member of the Township Zoning Hearing Board.

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Dean can be reached by email at [email protected]

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